A Corrected overview of my social project


   Nowadays Mexico has intended to align through a widely national educational program realizing the need we have of an effective English National Program. The fact is that there is a high number of children who are not receiving these benefits. Understanding the importance of the English language, and taking into consideration the international companies and business in Puebla, it has lead us to come up with the idea and plan that make us to act in favor of those children who are in socioeconomic disadvantages, providing English classes for them at DIF Puebla "Casa de día". 

Today, learning English has become a necessity in a globalized system, this is why our social project is focused on those children who may have left behind attending regular English classes at regular school programs provided by SEP or at private schools. 

DIF Puebla attends those kids who were not able to get in regular SEP's schools programs and are in difficult social situations, due to that it is important that this Social institution is able to provide and accurate and inclusive English program for their students, taking in consideration all of the issues we are going to face and deal with, this is a brief overview of what we are proposing in order to implant and run this social program for those in disadvantage. The main objective is to give those children a useful tool that could lead them to have better opportunities in the future.

Social project

  This Project consists on providing English classes to children from eight up to fourteen years old that find themselves in socioeconomic disadvantages. Nowadays, this international language represents more than just a second language. Richards says ‘’ The current status of English as an international language has enormous implications for people worldwide (Richards, 2015).’’ This means that knowing the Language can benefit learners’ future. On the other hand, Mexico has a low percentage of students who graduate from Junior High school. According to the institution Mexicanos Primero Just 3% of the students who finish secondary have the adequate level established by the Secretaria de Educación Publica (Terrazas, 2015). These numbers are only in Public schools. It is worse for homeless children. Therefore, The classes are going to be taught to young learners and early teens who attend educational programs at the National System for Integral Family Development known as DIF Puebla that takes place on its ‘’Centro de día Atención para niños en situación de calle y Vulnerabilidad’’ located at Priv. 14 sur No. 3912, Colonia Anzures, Puebla, Puebla. It is a Mexican local public Institution of Social assistance that focuses on providing English classes to youth in socioeconomic disadvantages. DIF Puebla’s mission is to lower poverty. Understanding that, English has become a language of commerce and trade. Our country today has companies from around the world and English is used to communicate. According to Pizarro-chacon(2015) the importance of learning English professionally must be done at the same time reach learning the formal and informal way. Therefore, providing equal opportunities for children with unintentional deprivations have to impact our surroundings.


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