Other, limitations and constraints

Limitations and constraints

·  Time of each class and number of hours allowed per week.

·  The working time with students (only 6-12 months).

·  Participants for each group. (50-55 students each classroom).

·  Human Resources.

·  Economic Resources.

·  Students non-interest.

·  Behavior problems.

·  Children registration dates are every month.

·  Absenteeism.

·  Addictions.

Social impact

We are looking after developing children abilities through English language knowledge, make them feel themselves confident and familiar with the language and awake their interest throughout this new knowledge for professional self-development future purposes.


·  English learning

·  Skills developed

·  Positive attitude

·  New life possibilities

·  Better social conditions

Reflexive activity

What is it? 

Is a social project consisting in teaching English classes for children in socioeconomic disadvantages.

What I have done?

Researching information that is going to lead us to teach English classes to this socioeconomic specific group of children at a social institution in Puebla, looking at several different resources in order to establish a good English program for kids from 8 up to 15 years old.

What is missing?

Presenting the English teaching program to the authorities accordingly, having it approved and organized our team's times and efforts to run it on a specific time to do so.


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